Landscape photos

I see beauty in nature around me and I capture it. Travelling memories or just an ordinary sunset, a huge winter swell with epic waves on Fuerteventura or the amazing forests with their ‘corredoiras’ of Galicia, all to bring with me on photos.

Sport and action photos

I see the nature in movement and I capture it. I see you moving with the nature and I capture it. I like to freeze the action and choose the best photo of a movement.

Portrait photos

Portrait photography is a beautiful field of art. It can transmit personality and emotions. I believe that there is always a way to conserve memories through photography.

Analog photography

Using a film for photography is so unique experience. Today when everything is digitalized and all photos are edited in some way, it is a relief to see instantly printed pictures.

Photo editing tips

You take a photo and it looks less vivid then you expected? I know how you feel. I can show you some ways of creating that image you have in mind watching something you want to capture. The easiest way of learning about photo editing is to understand the light and lightning techniques. I believe in life long learning and photography is an always renewing field. Nevertheless, there are basics that never change.

Let’s capture the moments of your dreams together so you can remember those feelings forever!

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